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3 Awesome Online Resources for Learning Thai

With over 20 million native speakers in the world, the Thai language remains a popular foreign language for those interested in or traveling to Southeast Asia. However compared to other more popular

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Rocket French: The Ultimate Review (Pros & Cons)

While not as popular as Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur courses, Rocket Languages have carved out a well defined niche in the language learning world. Their courses have gained a reputation for being both

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Why Context is King When Learning a Foreign Language

Your typical language class or course teaches you new vocabulary by supplying you with list of individual words that linked by a subject or theme (for instance colors, foods, traveling, etc). While

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How to Pronounce the Russian Vowel Ы (5 Approaches)

Often the Russian vowel Ы is one of the hardest Russian letters for native English speakers to pronounce. This is because Ы simply has no equivalent in the English language. When I first started

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Intro to the Russian Accusative Case

Word order matters a lot in English. If we change the word order of an English sentence, its meaning could drastically change as well. Take a look at the two sentences below:The dogs bites the man.The

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Russian Verbs of Motion Part 2: “went”

In our last post we talked about how Russian makes a distinction between going once in a single direction and going multiple times in one or more directions. We also saw how Russian distinguishes going

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Intro to the Russian Dative Case

If I'm honest the dative case was one of the most challenging cases for me to use when I first started learning Russian. The case is used in a variety of ways, not all of which make that much sense when

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Russian Verbs of Motion: The Introduction (Part 1)

As a beginning Russian student the verbs of motion were one of the first roadblocks I hit on the way to fluency. As you'll soon see, the Russian language is a lot more specific than English in describing

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