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What’s the Price of Rocket Spanish?

If you’re not sure how much Rocket Spanish is, and what the options are for buying the course, we’ve laid everything out for you in this post. If you want to see a full review on the Spanish course, you can check out our review of Rocket Spanish.  

Price of level one

Level one of Rocket Spanish costs $99.95. Level one includes 69 language lessons (34 interactive audio lessons and 33 language & culture lessons), which comes out to about $1.51 per Spanish lesson. Level one takes about 134 hours to work through. It also includes a survival phrase kit, which is essentially a Spanish phrasebook audio book. 

Price of level one and two

If you buy level one and level two at the same time, the total cost is $249.90. Levels one and two together have 122 Spanish lessons (again language & culture lessons, as well as interactive audio lessons). The price per lesson here is a little over $2.00. Level 2 also features a second survival kit phrasebook. 

Price of all three levels together

If you buy levels one, two, and three together the total price is $259.90. This includes a total of 98 interactive audio lessons, 87 language and culture lessons, and three survival kits. These Spanish courses take about 370 hours to work through The price per lesson with all three levels is $1.40 per spanish lesson. 

If you didn’t notice already, buying all three levels of Rocket Spanish gives you the best bang for your buck. Also the prices listed above don’t change (even though the site makes it look like they are special sales prices). 

Is there a payment plan for Rocket Spanish?

Yes. Rocket Languages overs a six month payment plan if you purchase all three levels of the course. 

If I don’t like it, can I get a refund?

Yup! There’s a 60 day no questions asked refund policy for all Rocket Spanish courses. If you decide for any reason you don’t like the course, just let the folks at Rocket Languages know within 60 days and your purchase will be refunded in full. 

Can I try Rocket Spanish for free?

Absolutely. In fact we recommend you do before purchasing anything. Rocket Spanish offers a free trial, which includes a collection of free lessons, so you can see for yourself how the Spanish lessons work.