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Duolingo Japanese (Ultimate Review)

With over 300 million  users around the world and over 90 language courses across 22 languages, Duolingo is the largest and most popular language learning app in the world. But how well does

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Best App to Learn Japanese (The Top 5)

Sometimes it feels like those learning Japanese are at a disadvantage compared to students of other languages. Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn for native English speakers. If that

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Why Rocket Japanese Might be One of the Best ways to Learn Japanese

Japanese is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn for native English speakers (especially those from the US). Only Spanish and French command greater interest. You'd think with

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The 3 Best Sites for Online Japanese Classes

Before the age of the internet learning Japanese was even more difficult than it is now. This was mainly because of a lack of resources. You were limited to whatever textbook or audio course you had at

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The Best Way to Learn Japanese (There is One)

Immersion is the best way to learn Japanese There is no question that the best way to learn Japanese is through immersion. Immersion is best described as living your life in Japanese as much as possible.If

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Best Programs to Learn Japanese (The Top 5)

Finding a good program to learn Japanese is hard...Many language learning companies take their best Spanish and French program and more or less copy and paste Japanese words into it. Then they slap a "best

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Pimsleur Japanese Review (Strengths and Weaknesses)

Japanese consistently ranks as one of the hardest, if not the hardest, foreign language for native English speakers to master. Its grammar and syntax are worlds away from the English language.It combines

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Rosetta Stone Japanese Full Review (Beginners Beware)

When I decided I wanted to learn a foreign language the first product that came to mind was Rosetta Stone. Over the years the company has become s household name for language learning. But popular

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