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How to Learn Korean on Your Own (And Teach Yourself)
If you're like me you like the adventure of diving head first into a foreign language and exploring it on[...]
How to Learn Korean as Fast as Possible
We're going to cut through the fluff and get right down to meat of learning Korean. In this post you'll learn[...]
The Best Way to Learn Italian (There is One)
Immersion is the best way to learn Italian The best way to learn Italian is by immersion. When you immerse yourself[...]
Best Programs to Learn Korean (The Top 5)
Finding a good Korean learning program can be tough. Many language learning companies either don't make a Korean course at all,[...]
Best Programs to Learn Chinese Mandarin (The Top 5)
It's not easy to find a good program for learning Chinese...A lot of companies put a "Chinese Mandarin" label on[...]
How to Pronounce the Russian Vowel Ы (5 Approaches)
Often the Russian vowel Ы is one of the hardest Russian letters for native English speakers to pronounce. This is[...]
Intro to the Russian Accusative Case
Word order matters a lot in English. If we change the word order of an English sentence, its meaning could[...]
Russian Verbs of Motion Part 2: “went”
In our last post we talked about how Russian makes a distinction between going once in a single direction and[...]
Intro to the Russian Dative Case
If I'm honest the dative case was one of the most challenging cases for me to use when I first[...]

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