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Best Thai Language Apps
Thai language learners often struggle to find solid resources for learning the language. You'd think a language with over 50[...]
Rosetta Stone Thai Review (Pros & Cons)
So you've decided to begin the glorious adventure of learning Thai as a foreign language. No doubt you're excited to[...]
What’s the Deal With Duolingo Thai?
Duolingo doesn't offer a course for native English speakers learning Thai. ​In fact a Thai foreign language course isn't even[...]
Duolingo Japanese (Ultimate Review)
With over 300 million  users around the world and over 90 language courses across 22 languages, Duolingo is the largest[...]
Best App to Learn Japanese (The Top 5)
Sometimes it feels like those learning Japanese are at a disadvantage compared to students of other languages. Japanese is one[...]
Pimsleur German Full Review (Pros And Cons)
Audio language courses are great in theory. Ideally they’re easy to use, and you can take them anywhere. But even[...]
10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about French
French is one of the most spoken and taught languages on earth. French loanwords are present across several disciplines (from[...]
The Ultimate Pimsleur Review (Pros and Cons)
Pimsleur is one of the longest standing and most popular audio courses out there for learning a foreign language. Their[...]
15 Benefits of Knowing a Second Language (From Birth to Adulthood)
When I think of the benefits of learning a new language I usually think of the mental and academic rewards[...]

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