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Rosetta Stone Cantonese

Rosetta Stone is a household name when it comes to language learning. Unfortunately there is no Rosetta Stone Cantonese course. Why is there no Rosetta Stone Cantonese course?There are over 70 million

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Learn Tagalog

  • December 2, 2020

Tagalog is one of the most widely spoken Filipino languages, mostly because it's one of two official languages in the Philippines. In this article we've laid out everything you need to know about learning

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Duolingo Farsi

Farsi (also known as Persian) is a beautiful language with a long and rich history. If you’ve decided to learn Farsi, then naturally you thought you would take the Farsi Duolingo course. There’s just

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Duolingo Cantonese

  • November 25, 2020

Duolingo is a good language course. It’s an effective way to learn a language, and it’s more comprehensive than some other popular apps. Duolingo also uses a freemium model which makes it an ideal

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Best Apps to Learn Tagalog (Filipino)

In this post we'll look at the best apps to learn the Filipino language Tagalog.Tagalog is an official language of the Philippines and is spoken by millions of people across the world. Many learn the language

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What’s the Deal With Duolingo Tagalog?

  • November 9, 2020

Duolingo doesn't offer a course for native English speakers learning Tagalog.Unfortunately, there's not even a Tagalog course in their incubator yet (this is where Duolingo creates and develops their

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Does Rosetta Stone Work?

  • November 5, 2020

For many Rosetta Stone is the first name that comes to mind for learning a foreign language. Years of strong marketing have made the course a household name. But is Rosetta Stone the dynamic language course

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Benefits of Majoring in a Foreign Language

  • November 3, 2020

The benefits of learning a foreign language are undeniable. Whether it’s for academic or professional purposes, or if you’re looking to expand your knowledge, there are so many reasons why you might

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