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Russian Grammar (Finer Points)

Russian Grammatical Gender (How to Guide)
If you've never learned a language which uses grammatical gender, then the Russian language might seem more strange than it[...]
Это, Этот, Эта, Это, and Эти: Expressing “This” in Russian
In this post we'll talk about how to say "this" in Russian. It's usually pretty straight forward, but there are[...]
Hypothetical Conditionals in Russian
In our last grammar post we looked at how to express real conditions in the Russian language. That is, talk[...]
The Great List of Russian Cognates and Similar Words
Russian is hard...​ We all know Russian is hard. As a language it's a lot further from English than other[...]
How and When to Use “Который” (Who/what in Russian)
Here's a new book. The book is really interesting. Here's a new bookthatis really interesting. Notice how above, in the third[...]