5 Awesome Youtube Channels for Learning French

  • November 4, 2017

Of all the great resources for learning French (and believe me there are a ton), one my of favorite is Youtube. Just type "learn French" in search box and you're likely to find a plethora of different videos to help you learn the language. 

But even though there's a lot of videos, that doesn't mean that they're all good or helpful. One of the biggest drawbacks of Youtube is that the quality of videos can differ widely.

In this post we cut to the chase. Here are the top 5 Youtube Channels that will help you improve your French.


5) Easy French

Easy French is part of the Easy Languages Youtube channel. Here they try to help beginner and intermediate learners learn practical conversational French in real life settings. For each episode the host walks around a french speaking city and asks native speakers different questions. 

Questions range from "What do you like about Paris?" to "What do you think about modern music?". All videos have subtitles in English and French.

4) Comme une Française

Géraldine's channel Comme une Française takes a very practical approach to teaching the French language. She goes to great lengths to help you act like a French person and not just speak like one. 

Her channel is a lot of fun and teaches tons of practical vocabulary and cultural insights. We definitely recommend this channel.

3) Frenchpod101

The folks behind the awesome French course Frenchpod101 also have an awesome Youtube channel for beginner French learners. They have videos on almost everything from French grammar, slang, cultural topics, and even listening exercises. 

The sheer amount of content makes this channel worth checking out. 

2) Learn French with Alexa 

Alexa has one of the top French learning channels. She does an excellent job at teaching conversational vocabulary. Lessons cover a range of topics such as how to form questions or common French expressions.

Alexa also goes above and beyond to keep things fun and engaging!

1) Learn French with Vincent

With over half a million subscribers Learn French with Vincent might be the most popular French learning channel out there, and for good reason. 

Vincent works hard to take his viewers from the level of beginner to advanced. His channel is organized and well ordered, and there's a logical progression to his content. 

A lot of channels focus only on new learners and leave higher level students to fend for themselves. Not so with this channel. If you want a channel that will help you through your entire French learning journey this is it. 

Final thoughts

There you have it, our top five picks for French Youtube channels. I hope you found this post helpful. Check out the videos and see which channel you think will be right for you! 

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