EnglishClass101 Review

  • March 17, 2022

In this article we’ll take a look at Englishclass101, an online course and mobile app for learning English as a foreign language.

What is Englishpod101?

First and foremost Englishpod101 is a podcast for learning English. Each podcast episode is a bonafide English lesson.

How the English learning podcast works

Your podcast hosts are your personal ESL teachers. In each lesson you’ll be given a recorded conversation between two native English speakers. The hosts prepare you for the conversation and then teach you the new vocabulary and grammar used in the lesson. 

The podcast is divided into seasons. The seasons are split between proficiency levels ranging from absolute beginner to advanced learner. Within each difficulty level you will find seasons that deal with a specific topic like the most common words and phrases, travel vocabulary, etc. 

Every lesson comes with transcripts, which is great if you’re working on your reading skills, or if you’re ever unsure of what was said during the lesson. You also have the ability to add new vocabulary to a flashcard bank to review later. Each flashcard you make includes the English word, it’s definition, and audio of its pronunciation. 

After reading the transcripts and making your own flashcards, you can also take quizzes on the material from the episode.

Additional English learning resources

While the podcast lessons are the main feature of Englishclass101, the site and mobile app also have some other additional resources too. Intermixed with the podcast seasons you will also find a collection of helpful video lessons on various topics. There’s also an English dictionary and frequent word lists for help with vocabulary. There’s even an English learning blog and pronunciation guide as well.

Final thoughts and recommendations

Englishclass101 is a great tool for helping you to improve your conversational English. There are hundreds of lessons on the site, so you’re likely to find value in the course no matter what level of English you have. Englishclass101 offers a free lifetime account, which gives you access to some of the podcast lessons and most of the bonus learning materials as well. If you’re serious about learning English then it’s definitely worth checking out. 

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