An ACLS Course Online: 6 Important Tips

  • September 3, 2021

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. Students who complete certification learn how to first diagnose, then administer needed care for adults who experience a respiratory or cardiac arrest. Moreover, students are taught how to deal with other cardiopulmonary emergencies. As you can see, these skills are of great value to any medical care provider, even if their position does not require acquiring an ACLS certification. It offers better chances of higher-paying job opportunities, progressing in your career path, and much-needed life-saving skills. Many people prefer to acquire an online certificate instead of attending classes in person. If you are one of those people who prefer studying online and need help in passing your ACLS course, read on, as we will provide you with 6 important tips that will help you succeed.

1.Review Many Cases

The medical field involves facing many cases. You are expected to recognize symptoms, diagnose each case, and know how to treat them. Being exposed to more cases means that you will gain more experience as each one is different from the other, and sometimes the same condition can have different symptoms in each case. Being certified shows that you can perform any medical procedure involved in advanced cardiac life support. To be prepared as much as possible for your exam, you have to review many ACLS scenarios to make sure that you have covered as many symptoms and diagnoses as possible.

2.Remember Medications and Dosages

In your exam, you are expected to suggest the right medication with the proper dosage for specific medical conditions and situations. That is why you need to memorize all medications and calculate their proper dosages by heart. Always keep in mind that any mistake in the medical career can result in severe injury, if not a fatality.

3.Study Algorithms by Heart

To save lives, you have to learn the flowchart, which serves as a guide to the right procedures for the treatment of specific medical situations. This flowchart is called the algorithms, and as per United Medical Education, memorizing the ACLS algorithms is essential for treating cardiopulmonary emergencies. This is how important they are, so you better start studying and memorizing them early.

4.Recognize Basic Electrocardiography

EKG and ECG are both acronyms for electrocardiography, which is a test done to measure the electrical activity of a person’s heartbeats. It is done by putting electrodes on the skin and recording the activity. You must be able to react appropriately to EKG, so you have to fully understand how it works. Watching online videos that explain how it works and how to use it can be of great help.  

5.Practice Exams

To better prepare yourself for your ACLS exams, you need to take a few practice exams first. This way, you will be able to identify your weak points and work on them. Moreover, these exams will familiarize you with the real test structure. There are many practice exams online. The sooner you start practicing, the better your chances of strengthening your weak points.

6.Start with the Easy Questions

Starting with the easy questions and leaving the hard ones last will help you answer the majority of the questions quickly and become more relaxed. The test is timed, so there is no point in wasting your time trying to answer the challenging questions first. If you fail to answer them, you will end up failing to answer both the easy ones and the hard ones too.

There is no better feeling than being part of saving people’s lives. However, the medical career is not an easy one, and you have to be up to it, as it requires kindness, patience, courage, and a lot of studying. An ACLS Certificate will help you save people’s lives, even if you chose to study online. To pass your online exam, you need to review a lot of cases, memorize medicines and dosages, remember the algorithms, understand electrocardiography, complete practice exams, and when it is time for the real test, start by answering the easy questions first. Don’t forget to stay calm and relaxed to do your best.

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