DanishClass101 Review

  • March 17, 2022

Danishclass101 is a Danish learning course that is offered as both an online course and a mobile app. The course is largely made up of podcast styled lessons. Each lesson teaches you a Danish conversation spoken by two native speakers. The hosts of the podcast introduce each lesson and explain any new phrases or grammar that come up. 

How to review lessons with Danishclass101

There are multiple ways to review Danishclass101’s podcast lessons (other than just listening to the same lesson over again). The first is with Danishclass101’s flashcard system. You can select new words from the dialogue and add them to a bank of flashcards with one click. Each flashcard includes a translation of the word and an audio recording of its pronunciation. 

Another way to review after a podcast lesson is to use the slow playback feature. Danishclass101 allows you to listen to words and phrases from a lesson at different speeds and even lets you record yourself trying to mimic what you hear. This is a powerful way to work on your Danish pronunciation.

Learning resources on Danishclass101

In addition to their large podcast library. Danishclass101 also has a selection of Danish learning resources. There’s an alphabet and pronunciation guide, a Danish to English dictionary, frequency word lists, video lessons, and a Danish learning blog.

Who is Danishclass101 for?

Beginners to Advanced students

Danishclass101 divides their lesson into four levels of difficulty: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level has its own selection of lessons and learning materials. So no matter what level of Danish you have, Danishclass101 will have something for you.

Anyone who wants to learn conversational Danish

Because Danishclass101 uses lessons with real Danish conversations, it’s a great tool for anyone who wants to start speaking Danish as quickly as possible. Throughout the course, dialogues are built true to life situations. This ensures that you’re learning relevant vocabulary that you can actually use when you’re with Danish speakers in the real world.


Danishclass101 is a great resource for anyone who is looking to improve their Danish or learn the language from scratch. If you want to focus on conversational Danish, then Danishclass101 will be especially helpful for you. 

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