DutchPod101 Review

  • March 17, 2022

Dutchpod101 is an online course and mobile app for learning Dutch as a foreign language. Dutchpod101 offers a lot of different resources and tools for learning Dutch. The main feature of the site is its huge library of Dutch learning podcasts. 

Dutchpod101’s podcast lessons

The podcast is broken up into seasons which are spread between different difficulty levels (ranging from beginner to advanced). In each episode you are given a recorded Dutch conversation between two native speakers. Your podcast hosts introduce the dialogue and teach you the grammar and vocabulary used in the lesson. 

The dialogues are always given in the context of real life situations. This means you will be working with practical vocabulary that you can start speaking with real Dutch speakers right away. Every podcast lesson also includes full transcripts in Dutch and English. 

You can also download and listen to audio from new words and phrases. There’s even a built-in flashcard feature that lets you add new words to an on going flashdeck which you can review anytime. Even though the podcast seasons are sorted by difficulty level, you can still jump around and listen to any episode you want. This is a nice feature if you’re learning independently and don’t want to wait to unlock course content (like in Duolingo for example). 

Dutchpod101’s bonus features

In addition to its large collection of Dutch podcasts, Dutchpod101 also has a lot of other useful learning tools too. To help you learn vocabulary there’s a Dutch to English dictionary and interactive phrase lists. If you want to read and write Dutch there’s also an alphabet primer. Other useful resources include a learning blog, pronunciation guide, and quizzes.

Final thoughts

Dutchpod101 is a useful learning tool no matter your proficiency level in Dutch. The course is a great way to learn conversational vocabulary, and is flexible enough to accommodate students who are teaching themselves Dutch. The site offers a free lifetime account with limited access to podcast episodes and some of the free resources as well. 

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