How to Improve Your Speaking Skills in a Foreign Language?

  • July 12, 2021

If you are looking for the answer to the question, "How to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language?" you're in the right place. When learning a foreign language, we all have one desired goal: speaking that target language fluently as native speakers.

In Acquisition-learning Hypothesis, one of 5 language acquisition theories by Stephen Krashen, he emphasized the importance of listening in an immersive environment. According to him,  listening is the priority and not speaking. Learners will understand a language by listening. If the learner has exposure to the target language, learning will be easier.

How Can I Improve My Speaking Skills In A Foreign Language?

People learn languages to be used in communication. Some spend money on resources like books, online apps, and even tutors. This helps them learn words and phrases that widen their vocabulary and master grammar rules.  But, this is not enough to achieve fluency and be used in communication.  So, if you want to learn different ways to improve your speaking skills, take your speaking skills to the next level. Learn the following ways how to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language.


Speak to yourself


This sounds a little bit weird at first, but it actually works. Nothing feels comfortable than talking to yourself. Speaking to yourself will help create a learning environment where you are free to make mistakes. You can also try talking in front of the mirror to your pets or plants. The main purpose of language learning is communication. Talking to yourself is a great way to start.


Practice Speaking Daily

Practice will really help you improve your language skills. In fact, the American psychologist Edward Thorndike emphasized in his Law of Exercise that drill or practice helps increase the efficiency of learning. Just like what they say "Practice makes perfect."


Record Yourself While Speaking

Do you have a smartphone or any recording device? If you have one, record yourself while speaking your target language. This is another way to improve speaking skills. What's good about this technique is that you can always go back to the recordings and monitor your progress. You will be able to see how you have improved throughout your whole language learning experience.


Read Out Loud

Suddenly got a flashback from your school days? You have read it right! Reading aloud will help you be sensitive about your pronunciation while speaking. Reading aloud is one of the activities that teachers require beginner readers to do. Now that you are considered as  a beginner in learning another language, this can be one of the answers to the question "How to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language?"


Talk and Copy Native Speakers

If you know a native speaker of the new language you are learning, it will be a great idea to stick with them regularly, talk to them, and copy them. Learning with them will definitely improve your speaking practice because they can give you immediate feedback and corrections. Where else can you learn a language better than hearing it from a native speaker?


Look For A Language Exchange Partner

Another way to improve your foreign language speaking skills is finding a language exchange partner. This will improve your listening skills because you have to pay attention to what they said. There are lots of people who also want to learn a second language with you. It can be a native speaker, a friend, or people from language learning groups in social media.


Imitate What You've Watched

Who says binge-watching is only for fun? If you love to watch movies, you can find a movie from the country where your target language is spoken. You can imitate their manner of speaking, emotions, and facial expressions, which are essential in communication.


Use Language Learning Apps

Last but not least, you can use language learning apps like Ling App. Ling App has an audio recording of the words and phrases, and dialogues that you can listen to, imitate, and practice. What's good about this is that you can always go back and repeat it until you achieve mastery and fluency.

Now that you have learned how to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language, you may now start doing it in real life.  All you have to do is pick the most convenient ways for you and start improving your skills. With motivation,  you'll surely begin to sound like the natives!

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