HungarianPod101 Review

  • March 17, 2022

Today we’re reviewing Hungarianpod101, a Hungarian podcast course available online and via mobile app. 

Let’s start off by pointing out that Hungarianpod101 is more than just a podcast for learning Hungarian. It’s a massive learning hub for all things related to the language! In addition to the hundreds of podcast lessons on the site, Hungarianpod101 also features a lot of additional learning resources as well. 

There’s video lessons, flashcards, a Hungarian to English dictionary, a pronunciation guide, and much more. Hungarianpod101 provides everything you need to learn conversational Hungarian.

Podcast features

Each podcast episode is hosted by two Hungarian teachers (also called hosts) and contains a conversation between two Hungarian speakers. Your teachers introduce each lesson. After you listen to the dialogue your teachers will point out and explain new words and grammar points. 

Each lesson comes with downloadable transcripts in both English and Hungarian. There’s also a slow playback section that allows you to listen to phrases from the dialogue at a slower speed. You can then record yourself directly on the site or app (depending on which version you’re using). This is an excellent way to work on your Hungarian accent. 

Phrases for the lesson can also be added to a personal flashcard deck with a single click. There’s also lesson notes for each podcast episode. This includes further explanations and examples on any grammar used in the lesson. There’s also a quiz feature that allows you to test yourself on each lesson.

Is Hungarianpod101 right for you?

Yes, if you’re a beginner to advanced student

Hungarianpod101 offers podcast lessons across five difficulty levels: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced. So no matter what level you’re at, there will be something for you on the site. 

Yes, if you want to learn conversational Hungarian

Because the bulk of Hungarianpod101’s content teaches you Hungarian using actual conversations, the vocabulary you learn is practical and easy to use in the real world. There’s no fluff or unnecessary vocabulary lists here. By the end of the course you’ll have enough knowledge in the language to comfortably hold day to day conversations in Hungarian.

No, if you want a highly structured course

Hungarianpod101 doesn’t send you down any single path while teaching you Hungarian. You’re free to skip lessons and move through the course any way you like. This style isn’t for everyone. If you like a  structured "a to b" type of approach to learning a foreign language, then Hungarianpod101 might not be the best option for you.

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