IndonesianPod101 Review

  • March 17, 2022

IndonesianPod101 is a popular course for learning Indonesian. It’s available as a mobile app and an online course. In this post we’re reviewing its features and course content to help you decide if IndonesianPod101 is right for you.

Podcast lessons on IndonesianPod101

There are a ton of lessons on IndonesianPod101 (several hundred actually). The content ranges in difficulty from absolute beginner to advanced. Every lesson (or as IndonesianPod101 calls them “episodes”) teaches you Indonesian vocabulary and grammar through recorded Indonesian conversations with native speakers. These dialogues usually deal with some sort of situation you’d likely find yourself in if you were to travel to Indonesia (like bartering at a local market or meeting a friend at a cafe). 

In addition to the recorded conversations every lesson also has its own set of Indonesian teachers. These teachers are your podcast hosts. They prepare you for the conversation, and after you’ve listened to it, they elaborate on the grammar and vocabulary that was used. 

After you’ve listened to a lesson all the way through you can use one of the many review resources on IndonesianPod101. You can listen back to phrases from the dialogue at different speeds. You review transcripts of the lesson in either English or Indonesian. You can create flashcards to help you review vocabulary. You can even take quizzes on the lesson content if you like.

Is Indonesianpod101 right for you?

If you want to speak Indonesian then IndonesianPod101 is a great resource. Because each lesson uses an actual conversation, it’s easy to pick up words and phrases you can use in the real world. Indonesianpod101 is also a great way to learn grammar. Instead of memorizing lists of grammar rules and their exceptions, you learn grammar in the context of whole conversations. This helps you develop a sort of grammatical intuition for Indonesian.


Indonesianpod101 is a powerful resource for anyone learning the Indonesian language. No matter your skill level or your language learning goals, Indonesianpod101 likely has something for you. 

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