Learn With Oliver Review

  • March 13, 2018

Review of: Learn With Oliver

Use: Customizable Flashcard system for language learning


Spaced Repetition format is great for remembering what you learn


Tons of value with a free membership. Premium membership is $8

Time Commitment

15+ per day

Ease of Use

Might be the easiest flashcard system out there


Primarily a learning tool. Next to no structure

I Like

  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Good for grammar
  • check
    Great for vocabulary

I Don't Like

  • No structure
  • No option for pictures


Learn With Oliver is an online learning tool centered around a spaced repetition flashcard system. What really sets Learn With Oliver apart is the ease with which you can create word lists and review chosen vocabulary. 

Overall the site works very well as a tool for reviewing what you know or for acquiring new vocabulary. It's also useful for learning basic grammar as well.

There isn't much, if any,  structure to Learn With Oliver. Don't expect a full on language course. 

The site offers both a free and premium membership. There's a ton a of value in the free membership so if you're interested at all I suggest you check out the site for yourself and see if it's right for you! 

Premium membership starts at $8 per month

How does it work?

Learn With Oliver is essentially a super in depth flashcard system. If you're familiar with Anki or Memrise at all, then LWO's spaced repetition format will look familiar.   

On the surface Learn With Oliver looks a lot like most spaced repetition flashcard systems


It's an extremely easy to use flashcard system

The biggest difference with Learn With Oliver is that its flashcards are more easily customizable than either Anki or Memrise. On Learn With Oliver the flashcards can contain either a single word, or an entire sentence. 

What I really like about the platform is that you can individually click on any word in a given flashcard and add it to your word list to review later. I don't think this is possible on Memrise. It's possible on Anki, but you would have to manually create a new flashcard for the word you want to review.

LWO takes the work out of using flashcards. You don't have to create them yourself anymore. 

Learn With Oliver makes it easy to learn words and add them to your list

It's good for learning grammar

There are also various grammar lessons on LWO, where you learn the ins and outs of the language you're learning. 

More importantly LWO is an endless source of example sentences. Whether your a beginner or more advanced student of a language, example phrases and sentences are a very effective way to see grammar in action and quickly build your vocabulary. 

These example sentences will expose you to new words and grammar usage in context. This will help you both understand the word within the sentence, and be able to create a similar type of sentence on the fly in a real conversation.

You can practice your writing and get feedback

LWO also has an essay feature. This allows you to write a short or long entry in your target language and have it corrected by native speakers. This is a simple yet powerful way to get comfortable with any new grammar or vocabulary you've learned. 


You can't add pictures

My biggest gripe about LWO is that there are no pictures on the flashcards, nor does it give you the option to add pictures. Both Memrise and Anki allow users some flexibility in adding pictures to their decks. 

The added visual information makes the word or sentence that much easier to remember. It also gives you the option to use flashcards without using your native English. While this doesn't necessarily work with complex words or phrases, it's a great way to learn the basics. 

LWO doesn't allow for any of this.  

It's a tool and not a course

LWO can be an effective tool for reviewing and learning vocabulary, and even some grammar. However it's not nearly structured or comprehensive enough to be considered a course.

Outside of the occasional grammar lesson you don't find much help in the way of explanations. Thus LWO is best used by students who already have at least some experience in their target language. 

Best way to use Learn With Oliver

There are a ton of option when using Learn With Oliver

Learn With Oliver is best used in two different ways. The first is as a review tool, something that will help you remember and retain the vocabulary and grammar you've already learned. 

The second way is to level up your vocabulary. The sheer number of example sentences on the site will leave you with a ton of new words to chew on.

What other people are saying about Learn With Oliver

Kris Broholm

" To me you should only design your own product or service if you feel like you can offer something better than current options. You shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel if your reinvention offers no improvements. Antosch & Lin though, went above and beyond and designed a framework which they then duplicated for additional languages."


All in all Learn With Oliver is an affordable and effective option for those language learners who are looking for a easy way to review or learn new vocabulary. 

The site wasn't designed to replace a textbook or language course, but it was as designed a powerful resource for language learners. If you use it consistently you're likely to see your skills in your target language increase!

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