The Benefits of Rocket Spanish

  • September 30, 2020

In this post we look at the benefits of Rocket Spanish and how it stands out from other Spanish courses. If you want a more in depth look at the course then check out our ultimate Rocket Spanish review.

You learn Vocabulary and grammar

Rocket Spanish strikes a wonderful balance between grammar and vocabulary. You learn new words using the interactive audio lessons (which feature real conversations), and the language and culture lessons help you take a behind the scenes look at how Spanish grammar works in spoken and written phrases.

There's tons of natural Spanish audio

Listening comprehension is a big deal when it comes to learning Spanish (or any language for that matter). Understanding what you hear will be half of your battle when learning Spanish.

With listening, just like any other skill, practice makes perfect. If you complete the course levels in rocket Spanish you will have listened to a lot of natural native audio that tunes your ear to the Spanish language.

Teaches Spanish you can actually use

One of the strongest benefits of rocket Spanish is that you learn Spanish using real conversations. 

Many traditional courses teach Spanish with word lists centered around grammar (not conversation). If you're learn the preterite tense for instance, you're often given a list of verbs to memorize before you move on to the next lesson.

With Rock Spanish the approach is different. Instead of learning vocabulary based on grammar, you learn grammar which is based on conversations. So you won't be left knowing useless Spanish lessons like the ball is red and the dog drank the water. Rather, you're learn Spanish you can use right away with native speakers.

Available on mobile or desktop

Rocket Spanish is available via the rocket languages website, and through the rocket languages mobile app. The Spanish course started out as an online only course, but rest assured the web based lessons have been carried over to the app. You'll have all the same great content on the app as you will on the website. 

Also your account carries over to both, so the progress you make on the app will be saved on the site, and vice versa.


All in all rocket Spanish is a great option for anyone who wants to learn and speak Spanish. There are the three course levels, and by the time you've worked through them all you should be able to comfortably hold basic Spanish conversation.

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