TurkishClass101 Review

  • March 17, 2022

Today we’re reviewing Turkishclass101, one of the most comprehensive courses available for learning Turkish. We’ll pick apart its features so you can make an informed decision on whether or not TurkishClass101 is right for you.

Podcast lessons on TurkishClass101

There are hundreds of podcast styled lessons on TurkishClass101, with content available for every level between beginner and advanced learners. The lessons on TurkishClass101 use recorded conversations between Turkish speakers to teach pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Lessons are usually between 10 and 15 minutes long.

Every lesson has one or more teachers, which TurkishClass101 calls podcast hosts. These hosts introduce each lesson and teach you the grammar and vocabulary found in each conversation. They also do a good job of keeping things upbeat and lively as they share personal anecdotes and cultural insights throughout the course. 

TurkishClass101 provides a lot of different ways to review each of its lessons. Every podcast comes with downloadable transcripts available in both English and Turkish. There’s a pronunciation practice section that lets you listen to individual phrases from the dialogue at varying speeds and then record yourself for comparison. 

You can add lesson vocabulary to flashcards and instantly build out your own personal Turkish flashcard deck (complete with both English translation and Turkish audio). If all this wasn’t enough you can also take lesson quizzes and test yourself on what you’ve learned.

Other learning materials on TurkishClass101

TurkishClass101 also offers a collection of other Turkish learning resources in addition to its podcast library. There’s a Turkish to English dictionary, downloadable pronunciation and alphabet guides, listening comprehension practice modules, a Turkish learning blog, and a lot more.

Is TurkishClass101 right for you?

If you want to learn Turkish on your own, then TurkishClass101 is a great resource for you. You are free to browse the course and listen to the lessons in any order you want. 

Also if your goal is to learn Turkish in order to have conversations with native speakers, then TurkishClass101 is also a great choice. Because each lesson uses real Turkish conversations, all of the vocabulary you learn is easy to use in everyday situations.


Because of its vast amount of Turkish lessons, review tools, and additional learning resources TurkishClass101 is a powerful program for anyone who is learning Turkish. While it might not be the best course for learners who want someone to hold their hand through the learning process, it’s still a great course for independent learners. 

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