UrduPod101 Review

  • March 17, 2022

Urdupod101 is one of the most popular online language courses for learning Urdu. In this article we’ll take a close look at Urdupod101 and it’s best features so that you can be sure whether it's the right course for you or not. 

Urdupod101’s Urdu lessons

Primarily Urdupod101 is an Urdu audio course. It’s audio lessons are formatted as podcast episodes. Each episode covers an Urdu conversation between native speakers. Your teachers/podcast hosts introduce the theme of the day’s conversation and explain the vocabulary and grammar used in the dialogue. This makes Urdupod101 a great way to learn Urdu conversationally. 

After you listen to each podcast episode you then move on to the review section of the lesson. Urdupod101 gives you several different ways to review each lesson. First off each lesson comes with full transcription in both Urdu and English. In addition to the transcripts there are also lesson notes. 

These notes go deeper into the grammar and vocabulary, giving you lengthier explanations and more examples. There’s also a playback and record tool that allows you to play back phrases from the dialogue and record yourself repeating them. This helps you compare your accent to the native speakers’. 

Urdupod101 even lets you create flashcards with the vocabulary from the lesson. There’s also a quiz option if you want to test yourself on the material.

Is Urdupod101 for beginners or advanced students?

Urdupod101 has several hundred podcast lessons available. They are divided into five levels of difficulty: absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced. So no matter what level of Urdu you speak you will find something to help you improve your skills.

Final thoughts

Urdupod101 is a popular and comprehensive course for learning Urdu. Everyone from beginners to advanced students will find something in the course to help them meet their learning needs.

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