Russian Cases

Using the Russian Genitive Case for Attribution and Possession
In this post we'll discuss one of the most common uses of the genitive case in Russian: expressing attribution or[...]
Russian Nouns in the Instrumental Case (How to Guide)
Я пью кофе с молоком.I drink coffee with milk.Ольга разговаривала с Борисом.Olga was talking with Boris.Они говорили с родителями.They spoke[...]
Intro to the Russian Accusative Case
Word order matters a lot in English. If we change the word order of an English sentence, its meaning could[...]
Intro to the Russian Dative Case
If I'm honest the dative case was one of the most challenging cases for me to use when I first[...]
How and When to Use the Russian Prepositional Case
As far as Russian cases go, the prepositional case isn't all that bad. The noun endings are simple with next[...]
Russian Nouns in the Genitive Singular
In this post we take a look at the endings of singular nouns in the genitive case. The genitive case[...]
Decoding the 6 Russian Cases: A Beginner’s Guide
When I started learning Russian, I had never even heard of cases and I definitely didn’t know that Russian had[...]