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Russian Hard and Soft Consonants (Rules and Pronunciation Guide)

Most Russian consonants come in pairs. One is soft (also called palatalized) while the other is hard (non-palatalized). For English speakers the easy way to think about this is to think of most Russian

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Russian Nouns in the Genitive Singular

In this post we take a look at the endings of singular nouns in the genitive case. The genitive case often gets a bad rap for being one of the most difficult cases in the Russian language. Admittedly the

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Это, Этот, Эта, Это, and Эти: Expressing “This” in Russian

In this post we'll talk about how to say "this" in Russian. It's usually pretty straight forward, but there are a few exceptions that throw some people off.  Saying "this is" or "these are"Это

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Common Spelling Rules for the Russian Language

Compared to English Russian is pretty sparse when it comes to spelling rules. Nevertheless the ones that do exist in Russian are important and they come up often. In this post we'll take a look at these

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How to Pronounce Russian Vowels

Russian has a total of five different vowels, each of which can be written two different ways, and together produce ten different vowels sounds. Seven of those sounds are a sort of "main" vowel sounds.

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Hypothetical Conditionals in Russian

In our last grammar post we looked at how to express real conditions in the Russian language. That is, talk about something that might happen (something that's possible). This is all well and

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Decoding the 6 Russian Cases: A Beginner’s Guide

When I started learning Russian, I had never even heard of cases and I definitely didn’t know that Russian had six essential ones. Looking back, I’m glad that I came in blind because I might have been

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Using the Russian Genitive Case for Attribution and Possession

In this post we'll discuss one of the most common uses of the genitive case in Russian: expressing attribution or possession. In English this use of the genitive case typically translates as of or

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